The Sweet Auburn neighborhood is home to many FIRSTS. Read about them below.

    Big Bethel AME Church, 1922
  • Big Bethel AME Church’s congregation dates back to at least 1847, making it the FIRST African American church in Atlanta.3
  • In 1879, the Gate City Colored School was founded in the basement of Big Bethel AME Church as the FIRST public school for African Americans in Atlanta.3
  • Founded in 1881 by a group from Big Bethel AME Church, Morris Brown College/University (originally located on Boulevard between Irwin and Houston Streets) was the FIRST institution of higher learning in Georgia organized by and for African Americans.7
  • The National Medical Association, the FIRST organization representing African American physicians and health professionals in America, was founded at the First Congregational Church in 1895.11
  • Atlanta Life Insurance Company, 1932
  • Consolidated Company was the FIRST black small loan company licensed by the State of Georgia.5
  • Standard Life Insurance Co., established by Heman Perry in 1913, was the FIRST legal reserve company among African Americans.8
  • In 1922 Alonzo Herndon started the city's FIRST black-owned life insurance company, Atlanta Mutual, later known as Atlanta Life Insurance Company.5
  • The FIRST black-owned office building in Atlanta was the Rucker Building at the corner of Auburn and Piedmont, constructed in 1904 by businessman/politician Henry A. Rucker.2
  • Atlanta State Savings Bank opened in 1913 as the FIRST chartered black bank in Georgia.5
  • Our Lady of Lourdes was established in 1912 as the FIRST African American Catholic church in Atlanta.6
  • C.C. Hart, one of the founding investors of Mutual Federal Savings and Loan Co., became the FIRST licensed black plumber in Atlanta in the 1920s.5
  • Boxing Champion Tiger Flowers
  • Theodore “Tiger” Flowers, a deacon at the Butler Street CME Church, was the FIRST African American middleweight boxing champ, earning the title in 1926.9
  • The Atlanta Daily World, founded in 1928 by 26-year-old William Alexander Scott II, was the FIRST successful black-owned daily newspaper in America.5
  • In the 1930s, Citizens Trust Bank, founded by Heman Perry, became the FIRST African American-owned bank to become a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. In 1948 Citizens Trust became the FIRST African American-owned bank to join the Federal Reserve Bank.10
  • Jesse B. Blayton, Sr.
  • Brown Boy Bottling Company, founded in 1939, was the nation’s FIRST black-owned soft drink firm.5
  • The FIRST African-American Girl Scout troop in Atlanta met at the Atlanta Daily World building in 1943.1
  • Jesse B. Blayton, Sr. was the FIRST black CPA in America.4
  • WERD Atlanta, established by Jesse B. Blayton, Sr. in 1949, was the FIRST radio station owned and operated by African-Americans.5
  • In 1951 T.M. Alexander established Southeastern Fidelity Fire and Casualty Company, the FIRST black casualty insurance brokerage company in the South.5
  • The Top Hat Club, which later became the Royal Peacock, was the FIRST integrated nightclub in Atlanta.5
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